Autumn Winter 21

This season, Creative Directors Thora Valdimarsdottir and Jeanette Madsen explore the dualistic impulses felt during a year spent largely at home: the impulse to dress up and the impulse to dress comfortably. In a collection that draws inspiration in the ‘80s, a main reference is the 1988 movie Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise on a tropical island.

“The ‘80s is an endless source of inspiration for us, and we both fell back in love with Cocktail as we were working on AW21. This past year, our brand has evolved alongside us as we adapted to new ways of living and working, and we have really been drawn to comfort and coziness while never letting go of our love for dressing up and dramatic flair. We wanted this collection to reflect this dualism, dressing both sides of our own personalities: the side that wants to stand out in a crowd, and the side that wants to feel comfortable.

ROTATE was always about listening to what our impulses were telling us about what we wanted to wear. For AW21, this impulse is all about striking a balance between feeling sexy and dressed-up, and casual comfort. You will find our first foray into knitwear, like a knitted miniskirt with a matching bra top and cardigan, shown in both dust green and a textured black/white pattern, and a classic knitted tracksuit in a fresh shade of orange and leopard print. Sexy, but ultimately comfortable because it’s knitwear. This balance runs through the showcase: a purple sequin dress with billowing sleeves makes you want to dance, while an oversized logo jumper will work as well on the couch as in the office.” - Thora Valdimarsdottir and Jeanette Madsen, Creative Directors, ROTATE